Speaking In Tongs is a logo, the yin yang symbol signifies my Tai Chi practice, which has been life changing, even lifesaving, for me. The chef knives jutting from the yin yang signify my life as a chef. In its entirety, the symbol is a circle with wings, roughly approximating the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph symbolizing the phoenix, a mythological bird reformed and risen from the ashes. You can see where I’m going with this.

Speaking in Tongs is a phrase, a culinary twist on a religious concept where the Holy Spirit communicates through a human host. The believer will make undecipherable sounds and wildly gesticulate.

Speaking In Tongs is a commitment, an accountability to myself in front of the whole world.

Speaking In Tongs is a tattoo on my back, a flesh and blood symbol of that commitment.

Speaking In Tongs is a website, a place where I can wildly gesticulate, literarily, culinarily, and digitally speaking, filled with commentaries, essays, travel pieces, recipes, and food trends; a place to highlight food producers, providers, and chefs who take a humane approach, who have a respect for, a connection to, that which they produce, grow, or raise, those who strive to be stewards of our planet.


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